About Us.

Communications shouldn't be complex. Nor should the support.
This why we are who we are.

When it comes to communications infrastructure, the traditional approach of finding a solution that meets your desired outcome can be complex. The process has become a hassle.

What's more, ironically the "communication" of the usual providers tends to be poor. Popular providers seem focused on metrics and process, opposed to helping their customers, getting things done and being easy to deal with. At Quantum 186, our mission is to eradicate poor communication and bad customer service, while providing truly innovative, beneficial cost-effective solutions, and more importantly, delivering them quickly. We pride ourselves on being there via telephone, email or in person; we even welcome our customers to drop in for coffee.

The team behind Quantum 186 has a background in data centre and telecoms. For years we have experienced the same pains as you when dealing with providers. We formed Quantum 186 to do something about this and become the communications company that is actually here. We do not believe in obscure multiple day timescales for performing tasks: if something should take five minutes, it'll take five minutes, not five days like other providers will quote.


Connectivity and communications never stop. We want to be at the front of the train, driving innovation with a portfolio of products and solutions for the 21st century business.

Our team are constantly striving for this, taking on our customers feedback and monitoring technology trends to bring the ultimate solutions to our customers.


Placing your data, your communications, your business in someone else's hands means trust. And trust is built on reliability, knowing that we can step up to prevent the worst happening.

We build reliability into all of our solutions, leaving no stone unturned. We are ready to react should the worst happen, but ultimately, we build it ourselves to make sure it doesn't.


For too long, the bigger providers have dealt customers a bad hand in support. Poor response times, delayed ticket responses and long support calls are the tip of a melting iceberg.

Our 24/7/365 UK based support and technical teams are driven to providing the next generation of support. Our customers are our business, as cliché as that sounds.

Your Telecommunications Experts

We are here to help you shape and manage your connectivity needs. Unlike many others, we have a team of experienced senior engineers that design, manage and support and aim exceed your expectations.

Some of our support staff

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Our team based in Kent are available by email and telephone, 24/7/365.