Four key destinations via The Global Gateway

This unique device brings data centre connectivity right to your very own office. So where can you now take your data in one hop?

1. The Cloud – Cloud computing has become an essential for any modern business. In some way, shape or form, you'll be using the cloud. The Global Gateway now offers direct, fast and secure connectivity to the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and so many more.

2. The Internet – Plug straight into your "gold standard" internet. Forget shoddy broadband, the Gateway allows you to connect directly to your gigabit capable line. No more sharing, no more up and down rates, just pure connectivity, which is a need of any modern business in todays ever growing digital landscape.

3. Voice – Voice over internet protocol, SIP… it's all part of a functioning business and how we communicate internally and externally. You plug straight into the likes of Gamma, VOIP unlimited and many other providers, controlling your voice connection directly from your office.

4. Private Networks – It's not just general businesses and enterprises that can benefit from the Global Gateway. Educational organisations and local authorities can plus straight into the likes of Jisc, PSN and the Janet networks. A direct connection, secured and managed 24/7/365 by our technical UK based support team.

To find out more about installing the Global Gateway in your office, building or institute, contact one of our expert connectivity staff members today on 0333 577 7186 or email us at