Peace of mind we're keeping an eye on things.

Our 24/7/365 UK based team are skilled, experienced and technical.

Gain confidence that your mission critical services are running optimally with Quantum Monitor and Manage. Our experienced team at Quantum monitor in excess of 20,000 data points across its monitor and manage customer base. We give total visibility, which is a critical component in delivering reliable services. With a rich array of relevant data problems can be proactively addressed before they impact service.

Unlike others in the industry, we do not believe in only touching an infrastructure when a problem occurs and simply keeping the lights on. We will continuously adapt, update and evolve the infrastructure based on the monitoring statistics we receive to ensure it is running optimally.

  • 20,000 data points monitored
  • Statistical reporting
  • 24/7/365 team on hand
  • Two tiers of service
  • Self-built monitoring services
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Tier 1:

We use our extensive knowledge of monitoring critical equipment to provide you with the rich relevant dataset you require for your own teams to proactively address issues and gain insights to aid you in configuring your infrastructure for optimum operation.

Tier 2:
Monitor and Manage

We use the rich data obtained from our monitoring service to ensure your systems are running optimally at all times. We proactively reconfigure where our monitoring data exposes inefficiencies or where we identify things could be better. You can relax while we take care of ensuring your infrastructure is running at its best.

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