Private Mobile Networks

Devices utilising 3G, 4G and soon 5G networks are ideal for providing connectivity to offsite locations

We are able to offer a solution that places mobile devices within your private network without the complexities or cost of VPNs, proxy servers or phoning home. By provisioning a private APN your mobile devices will automatically be placed within your private network and given an IP address that is routable within your network as soon as a data connection is established. All traffic will traverse your network, including the security infrastructure you have in place such as firewalls. Furthermore, where you have resources that are restricted to known fixed IP addresses, a private APN enables your mobile devices to remain behind this address at all times.

  • Secure a fleet of mobile devices
  • Public transport WiFI solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Workspaces that are difficult to run a circuit to
  • Temporary workspaces
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A challenge posed by using mobile networks is these devices are external to your network. They bypass your internal security infrastructure and are difficult to monitor and manage because they are not connected to your infrastructure.

In the case of IoT devices or public transport systems, these devices will typically require access to resources within a private network. Various complex solutions are typically put in place to solve these challenges, such as VPNs, proxy servers and devices “phoning home” these solutions are difficult to provision and manage, and add additional cost.

As well as mobile devices being protected by your security infrastructure in the same way as any other device connected to your infrastructure would be, the devices are also directly manageable as they are directly connected to your network.

Mobile network layout diagram

Simple fixed price sim only deals.

We can offer simple fixed price sim only deals on the O2 network, all inclusive of unlimited calls and texts (UK landline & mobile) on 12-month terms.

For £1 extra per SIM, data can be bundled together to create a larger pool shared across of your users.


Prices are based per calendar month. Discounts are available for volume orders or 24 month terms.

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