Reliable WAN for your IT estate

Connectivity between your premises, data centres and cloud services, transforming your digital business.

The marketplace for Wide Area Networks if full of exciting buzz words and new technologies such as VPLS, MPLS, EPN, SD-WAN, that everyone says you must have. The Quantum approach is based on outcomes. You want a reliable, fast, agile and affordable Wide Area Network. We believe the technology behind providing that should be our concern, not yours. We won't provide you with an "SD-WAN" or an "EPN" we will simply provide you with a Wide Area Network that works. Behind the scenes we are likely to be using a number of these technologies to deliver and optimise your service the way you want it, but our approach is to deliver you an outcome, not a technology, you can rest assured that behind your network we are constantly evolving investing in the latest and greatest technology, so that you don't have to.

  • 100% availability
  • 24/7/365 UK support
  • Multi-node network
  • Real SLAs
  • Various circuit connectivity options
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How Quantum 186 can connect you

LAN? Let us design
this from scratch.

Local Area Networks are the gateway to your critical business systems, the transport for Internet of Things (IoT) and the gateway for smart buildings. Local Area Networks provide cable and wireless connectivity.

Local Area Networks require the same attention to detail and high availability design principals as a Wide Area Network, however they are typically denser with higher port count requirements.

A common challenge faced with delivering a reliable LAN is designing a solution that delivers the high port count in such a way that the cost per port is affordable. Plugging a printer into a port that has cost £1,000 to deliver makes no sense.

Quantum designs builds and manages resilient Local Area Networks of all sizes. We are vendor agnostic and do not design solutions to shoe horn vendor solutions in place. We work with you to design solutions to meet your requirements and seek the most appropriate technologies to fulfil that requirement.

We provide LAN services across the entire management spectrum, from Consultancy to full managed service.

Another year older,
Another year wiser.

For over a decade Quantum has designed, built and managed carrier grade Wide Area Networks delivering 100% availability.

WAN services are delivered via our own diverse core network which we own and manage from our 24/7/365 UK based support team, whom you can actually talk to, or come and meet for a coffee. We do not resell a wholesale WAN product.

Our WAN solutions are fibre based, with bandwidth options ranging from 1Gbps to multiple 10Gbps with path and supplier diversity available if required.

We take care of quality of service if required and can deliver multiple services to locations using our Global Gateway.

Much more than just WAN & LAN services

Global Gateway

Deploy multiple connectivity services from your office, from one simple device. Connect directly to the Cloud, VoIP and much more.

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Design & Build

We're award-winning data centre builders. Let us build your very own DC or comms room. We even do structured cabling, with around the clock support.

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Dedicated Business Internet

The days of sharing internet on over-expensive broadband are gone. Get gigabit connectivity, dedicated to your business and its ambition.

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